Clamor for change has swept our country by storm when the new presidency took over the helm of national leadership with a promise to minimize, if not, put an end to widespread graft and corruption, drug menace and criminality.

Aiming to bring back people’s trust and confidence in government, our national leaders have started instituting several reforms and innovations on the entire bureaucracy primarily to improve efficiency in the delivery of frontline services in cognizance to Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007.

In the local level, the Municipal Government of Jordan strives its best to do the same by putting in place measures that would elevate the level of performance of all departments and offices at City Hall so that we could .’serve our people the best way possible’.

As a matter of fact, we initiated an in-depth office performance and commitment review in order to instill to all city officials and employees the importance of professionalism and value of ownership of the bureaucracy.

On procedural matters, our automated business processing and licensing system is working well, while our online building permit management system is on track. All these efforts are geared towards giving comfort and convenience to the transacting public since requirements and processing time has been reduced to minimum in accordance with the national standards.

But to align our thrust with the national government focusing on the improvement of frontline services, we need to execute careful review and re-examination of our existing Citizen’s Charter as mandated by the Civil Service Commission.

Hence, I am hoping that re-visiting our Citizen’s Charter through the publication of this second edition will ensure our constituents more proactive, inclusive and resilient local governance.

Municipal Mayor