On May 4, 2021 the Local Government of Jordan conducted an 8-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training at the Municipal Conference Hall among job-hired and regular employees in the Municipality of Jordan participated by the Office of the Mayor, Municipal Engineering Office and Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Office. The orientation aims to establish the OSH Committee, Create a basic evacuation plan, comply on drills and comply on the CSC DOLE and DOH JMC 1 s. 2020.

LGU Jordan is grateful to have MR. RONNIE DEL CASTILLO, a DOLE accredited OSH Practitioner as the resource person during the 8-hour training. The OSH Orientation comprised of these main topics: General Concept of OSH, Safety Rules and Measures for Workplace Hazard, Hazard Identification, Workplace Emergency Preparedness and Administrative OSH Requirements.

During the training, participants were enthusiastic and participative as it is based on actual events and situations present in the Municipal Grounds and the Municipal Hall. There were a series of exercises testing the safety skills of the employees and involving them in sample scenarios to observe how they would react in certain situations. On one exercise, the participants were divided into groups of 4 members and they were tasked to distinguish the possible threats in a picture. Afterwards, they reported the preventive measures they could have done to lessen the presence of possible threats. As the orientation ends, the participants have inculcated the three very important points of the orientation: LEARN from the past, MANAGE the present and ANTICIPATE the future.

“Definitely, we can lower accident rates in our municipality as we strengthen our campaign in Occupational Safety”, according to Mayor Ruben B. Corpuz as LGU Jordan is now on its 3rd batch on the conduct of 8-hour Occupational Safety and Health Orientation to its employees.

The Office of the Mayor targets a total of 310 employees to undergo the OSH Orientation to make this possible during the pandemic, these participants will be divided into batches of 25 individuals per batch. This orientation will continue every Tuesdays of the month.

This initiative was proposed by Mr. Jan Felix Balquin,EMS as he is a Safety Officer himself and it was approved and funded by Engr. Ruben Corpuz, Municipal Mayor, Municipality of Jordan.

The said activity is in compliance with CSC-DOH-DOLE JMC No.1 s.2020.